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Andaz peninsula papagayo resort

The Andaz Peninsula Papagayo resort represents the apex of comfort and housing conditions here in Costa Rica. If you want to experience the best that Costa Rica has to offer, PEXS is here to help. We are your personal assistant during your vacation here, putting efficiency and professionalism at the forefront of our business.

What is there to do in Papagayo Costa Rica?

Costa Rica itself is an incredibly beautiful exotic place to visit, but this impression will only get better if you come to Peninsula Papagayo. The location is a dream come true, one where nature conquers all. Go on adventures on land or sea, explore the jungle or the reefs of the North Pacific Ocean, all of it with our help. We organize guided tours and fishing expeditions for your enjoyment.

Use our amenities services to get the finest and freshest products on the market – let us refill your stocks, so you don’t need to worry about that. We’ll send them straight to your hotel room in a couple of hours efficiently and professionally. We pride ourselves on being a personal assistant that bears all the unnecessary responsibilities for you.

Incredible adventures in Costa Rica

There are too many things to see on the North Pacific coasts of Costa Rica – the blue waters of the ocean, the golden sand, and the seagulls flying about. Relax in your hammock under a palm tree, a piña colada in your hand, gazing at the foamy waves on the horizon. It’s like a dream come true. Peninsula Papagayo brings that dream to reality, so prepare for the adventure of your life.

Get your plane ticket ready – you’re wasting precious time when you could be sipping on a coconut drink in your exotic resort. The Andaz Peninsula Papagayo resort comes to mind if you want to get a taste of superior comfort and dynamic outdoors activities.

Excellent property management services

If you choose to have us as guides, we will provide exclusive management services that will allow you to forget about any responsibilities. We will clean your hotel room, refill your stocks, rent you a car, and even repair anything broken. You can rent a boat, and our crew will help you man it to sea.

We offer premium amenities to our clients, anything from house maintenance, land or sea guided tours, and rental vehicles to explore Costa Rica. With us, you’ll only need to enjoy your time here – fulfill your deepest desires, and do what you’ve always wanted to do. We’ll take care of everything else.

Is Andaz Costa Rica all-inclusive?

Pick the Andaz Peninsula Papagayo resort, and you’ll live lavishly like the kings of old. First-rate living conditions, all-inclusive meal packages, and special events are available when you get there.

Live life like few others do in Costa Rica and enjoy your vacation here. We, at PEXS, want nothing else than to let you have a good time. We want you to have fun in Costa Rica, and we’ll do anything to make that possible.

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