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Stay in a Yurt Los Angeles

Stay in a Yurt Los Angeles

Long before now, if you want to ease yourself of your busy schedule and explore a place to recharge yourself for future activities, hotels are your go-to choice. However, their costs and uneventfulness have eventually placed a ban on your desire to explore the world outside your busy schedule. However, the advent of yurts has solved this issue. Now, you can camp and glamp in a place that guarantees a more personal touch that is less affordable and more comfortable than a hotel.

Do you want to go glamping near Los Angeles, or want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and stay in a Yurt in Los Angeles? To get the best Los Angeles glamping experience, you must stay in one of the best yurts in Los Angeles.

If you seek a comfortable, cozy, and pleasurable glamping retreat, then you should consider staying in one of our six themed yurts.

Our yurts are well equipped with the tools, furniture, amenities, and equipment needed to ensure a pleasurable glamping experience. Amidst other Los Angeles yurts, we pride ourselves as one of the most popular yurts owners. Our yurts will give you a unique, pleasurable, and memorable glamping experience, the kind that will make you yearn for more.

Perhaps, you still doubt, see reasons below why our yurts glamping is the best in LA.

  1. Friendly Budgets

Unlike every other Los Angeles yurt, our yurts are very affordable as we have several Yurts to meet your budget.

Your comfortability is our priority, and so, we ensure that we make our yurts budget-friendly for you.

  1. Top-notch Amenities

Each of our yurts has comfortable furniture, beds, and equipment to ensure that you have a pleasurable and memorable stay.

We also have secure showers and restrooms that ensure your convenience within our yurts village. Each of our yurts also comes with splashed for the kids, Biba equipped playground, 24/7 Wi-Fi, in-room coffee service and refrigerators, and many more.

  1. Various Themed Yurts 

We have six themed yurts, depending on the size/number of people coming for the glamping.

We have the Lodge yurt to house four people comfortably. This yurt is an excellent option if you are coming with your family and friends. We also have the Bora Bora yurt, which is the best fit if you'd be coming with your partner to enjoy a tropical retreat.

Our boho yurt offers you a Zen-like experience. If you would love to have the best view of the lakes with your partner, our beach yurt is your best option. If you have a high musical taste, our rock and roll yurt will be most pleasurable to you in no small way.

Lastly, if you want to hold a conference retreat, The Elsinore is your perfect yurts.

We pride ourselves in helping you enjoy your yurt glamping to the fullest regardless of what you want and the number of people coming for the yurt glamping.

Do you want to rent a yurt in LA? Book with us today for the best boating and RV camping in SoCal:

Stay in a Yurt Los Angeles
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Stay in a Yurt Los Angeles
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