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Boat Clubs Not all boat clubs are the same as ours. Freedom Boat Club makes boating a fun, exciting, or relaxing escape. Let us change the way you perceive and experience boating. Connect with friends and your family starting from one of our docks in Florida and the rest of the US.

Unless you intend to live at sea, it’s often not financially sound to own your own motorboat. Just the docking fees and maintenance fees are enough to make you give up boating altogether. The most practical way to enjoy the boating lifestyle without all the responsibilities is to join boat clubs. Being a member gives you all the advantages of being a boat owner without all the stress. When choosing a club, consider these factors:
Membership - Are there different types of membership plans? Choose one that best suits what you needs (what time of the year you usually boating, how often, etc.). Also take note of the restrictions. Will you be able to bring family members? Friends? Guests? Pets?
Fleet - See if the boats offered are the ones that you prefer.
Location - What’s the use of being a member of a boat club if you can’t access it often?
For one of the best boat clubs in the US, contact Freedom Boat Club. Our members-only club has an excellent fleet that is owned and not rented from individuals. To know about our membership plans, you may contact us at 888-781-7363. One of the best things about Freedom Boat Club is we have dozens of franchises across the US, so members can go boating in different locations. For more information, keep browsing our website and watch our video on how the club works.
Boat Clubs
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